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Welcome to I5 Network Solutions Your Quickest Path onto the Information Superhighway...

At I5 Network Solutions, we look to create an easy way to access the internet and to place commerce on the net in a quick amount of time and at a reasonable rate.

We offer basic and full network dial-up depending on your internet needs. All FULL NETWORK dial-ups allow you access to the internet over most of the Continental US as well as parts of Canada.

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Civil Engineering Specialists in Drainage Hydraulics and Hydrology.  


 Last weeks spotlight was http://www.compositemodelworks.com .  We manufacture the "Spyder Moth" kit
and provide related accessories for radio controlled flying.

I5 Network Solutions picks one of the sites hosted on our network and we feature it here! Sites are evaluated for content and rating before posting.

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Secret Content needed to maximize Search Engine Submissions...

Here we will post links to helpful topics for maximizing your ability to get the most out of the Internet.  All previous articles are listed at http://www.i5net.net/helpful_hints

Any  Questions please feel free to call us at 916-456-7240 (10 am to 7 pm Monday - Friday) any calls other than these times will be directed to our on-call technician who will be happy to assist you in your internet needs.  I5 Network Solutions   offices will observe all US National Holidays, but in case of emergency our on-call technician will return your call.

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Welcome to the beginning of a wonderful and exciting time in I5 Network Solutions. 

Sometimes getting on-line is a little intimidating, unless you know where to look. Recently I found this site, which answers many basic questions asked. Learn the net: a guide to  surfing the net.


*Seen in a health food store
" Shoplifters will be beaten over the head with an organic carrot ".

* Don't waste your time with those "FREE" sites.... (or you'll get what you pay for). Host with the professionals.

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*I5 Network Solutions is dedicated to providing and hosting quality web content. We reserve the right to refuse of terminate service to any customer as a result of complaints or discovery of offensive material. Thank you.