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Service 02-11-2001

Feb. 13, 2001 : 1230 PM


This problem was recovered from at 9:00 pm Feb. 13th, 2001.  It took a few more hours than we had forecast for the DNS servers to be re-programmed.


Original message posting:

This message pertains mostly to our business customers:

Sorry to report another glitch in our recovery;

Apparently last evening, Network Solutions reverted their information about our servers back to the pre- server move conditions.  This reverted us back to the state we were in last week with the exception of ""  domains still working.

We have identified the problem and how to fix it.  We are expecting your web page and e-mail services to be restored by 1:00 pm today.  If you have not received services by that time, please contact me.

All dial-up problems are supposed to have been corrected, except for some network B customers.  If you are still having please contact me or Tamara at (916) 456-7240.  Since we are uncertain as to when Network B services will be restored we would like to Move all remaining Network B customers to Network H or D.  We have found the connections on these networks to be more reliable and of higher quality.