FIFO buffer settings!


I've never been satisfied with the factory windows FIFO buffer settings!

What is it?  I really don't know other than it helps to control the communication between the CPU in your computer, the cache in your modem and the cache in the modem at the other end of your phone line.  When the first programmed windows and modems computers were much slower.  Now it seems all the programming companies must not use modems or they would know the standard settings don't work for modern communication speeds.  They'll tell you they work in their lab tests, where one computer is calling a computer 25 feet away and the whole communication is occurring on brand new equipment, but reality for us internet users is old phone lines, lots of static and cheap modems. 

The common answer : Believe it or not, the most common answer to this problem is to get really frustrated until the point when you order DSL or some other kind of service. 

99% of the internet users would be satisfied with modem speeds if their modems would just stay connected.  We'de love to sell you DSL, but you would probably be just as satisfied by making the following simple (FREE) modification to your modem settings.  It solves most connection problems in minutes!

Let's start = = >

On your desktop double-click the "My Computer" icon.  this will bring up a window like the following:

Double-Click on the "Dial-Up Networking" icon.  It will bring up the networking window:

Right mouse-click the icon for your I5NET connection and select "properties" to bring up your connection window:

Select the "Configure" button for your modem to bring up the modem properties window:  Switch pages tot he "Connection" TAB.

Down at the bottom of this page are two buttons ... You can't wait to press them can you?  First go to port settings...

Your settings if still at the default ones will read the second to the maximum for the receive buffer and the maximum for the transmit buffer.  TRY DROPPING EACH OF THESE A NOTCH like shown above.  Don't worry, you'll never notice a speed performance drop.  Actually things will probably work faster because you'll have a more constant data flow stream.  HIT OK when done.

Usually this is enough to get things flowing right again with your system, however, if you still can't maintain a good connection and you've tried re-booting your system, then try changing the flow control setting to software.  Note: not all of our service numbers will accept this setting on your system and they may not allow you to log-in if you make this change.  However, I can tell you from my experience, I run a network with ten engineers through one shared 56K v.90 modem, and we seldom experience connection problems with the above settings and the Flow Control set to "SOFTWARE" as shown below:  (the flow control setting is found in the "Advanced" button of the modem connection properties.

I can't guarantee that these settings will work best for your computer system, however, it has been my experience that these settings work best on all the systems I've set up the modem connections for since I've been with I5NET.  give them a try and let me know how they go for you.