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Link to I-5 Network Solutions Customer

On this page you can add advertising banners to the I-5 Network Solutions advertising network. 

Fill out the requested form information below to have your advertising banner ADDED!

You must provide a response to every question or your request will be ignored!

I want to an advertising banner

How did you find out about this service:

Input the URL to the picture/banner you want to add:

URL of the link for the banner:

E-mail address which we should forward your statistics to:

Customer of I-5 Network Solutions that is requesting this advertisement (Include company and representative name):

Provide a password so that we may verify that you have the authority to order the banner deleted from our database. 

Other Information:  Indicate here if you only want the add to run for a specified period of time or have any other special instructions for the ad.

You will be notified when the request has been processed!

This page last edited July 18, 2000