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I-5 Network Solutions Ad Network

This page allows you to send a banner statistics report to yourself which will tell you how many times your banner has been displayed and how many Click-thru's you've received.  (A click-thru is when someone views your banner and click's on it to view the information at the linked site.)  Expect your click-thru ratio to be around 5 in every thousand displays.  A Successful banner would be in excess of this ratio (1:200) and if you have a lower ratio than 1 in 350, you should change your banner and re-send it to us.

Type in the e-mail address you gave us when you signed up your banner (s) and this function will e-mail you the stat's on all of your banners submitted under that account.

E-Mail address of sponsor:

I-5 Network Solutions utilizes BANNERMATIC software to drive our advertising network.  BANNERMATIC is one of Joe's CGI Scripts From The Crypt!

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